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Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 15 Release Date

Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 15 Release Date
Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 15 Release Date

Chicago Med is a medical drama series created by Matt Olmstead and Dick Wolf, it is also Wolf Entertainment’s third installment of the Chicago Med franchise. The first season of the series aired on November 15, 2015, on NBC. It followed the emergency department or ED doctors and nurses of the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, a fictional hospital created in the Chicago Med universe.

NBC renewed the Chicago Med for a sixth, seventh, and eighth season. The sixth season aired on November 11, 2020, while the seventh season aired on September 22, 2021.

On Metacritic, a review and rating website, season 1 had an average score of 52 out of 100 which was calculated based on 17 reviews which indicated that it had an average pr mixed review. Rotten Tomatoes reports state that season 1 had fifty percent positive reviews that were calculated based on 26 reviews with an average of 5.52/20.

Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 15 Release Date

The fifteenth episode of Chicago Med season seven titled “Things Meant to Be Bent Not Broken” is scheduled to release on March 9, 2022. Chicago Med season 7 is currently being telecasted on NBC. The duration of the episode is expected to be approximately 41 to 43 minutes, similar to the previous episodes of this season. It follows the fourteenth episode titled “All the Things That Could Have Been” which will be aired on March 02, 2022, and will be continued by the sixteenth episode “May Your Choices Reflect Hope, Not Fear” which will air on March 16, 2022. The series airs on NBC at 8 p.m. ET/PT and can also be streamed on Hulu and Peacock.

Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 14 Release Date2 March 2022
Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 15 Release Date9 March 2022

Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 13 Recap

Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 15 Release Date
Chicago Med

Previously on episode 12 of Chicago Med, Blake and Marcel clash with Shetu when a liver transplant patient who happens to be a famous football player arrives.

Scott meets up with his old friends when their son comes in after having broken his arm. Charles and Hammer work together to treat a patient who had fallen ill after getting a back-alley plastic surgery.

Dr. Marcel wakes up on Dr. Blake’s couch and finds out that he was very worried since she was poisoned previously. Dr. Charles runs into Loni, his therapist but she gives him a negative reply after he tries to schedule an appointment to which he is baffled.

Dr. Scott sits keeps Carmen’s son until she arrives. The boy’s father Terrell however is nowhere to be found.

Scoot works with Mrs. Torres a pregnant woman, who suffers from a skin level burn on her belly, and she is accompanied by her husband. Dr. Archer assists and runs tests. The tests come back testing positive for STI, syphilis. They carefully inform the couple while also telling them that the baby could face serious health risks.

They take up with matter with Goodwin who advises the mother to tell her husband about the test. However, as she informs her husband, she finds out that, it was passed to her by him. The doctors’ race to give her treatment and to also avoid any negative effects that may occur to Mrs. Torres after hearing such a piece of news.

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Scott prescribes medication for the couple to deal with their infection while the husband confesses to cheating on his wife but Scott tells him that right now he should be there for his family.

Mrs. Torres starts to go into labor pain and Goodwin switches to nurse mode to help the women deliver. The mother was nervous, and the husband was not allowed to accompany them. She delivers the baby and fortunately, the baby did not carry syphilis.

Halstead catches up with Hammer and he is shocked to see that she is wearing her wedding ring implying that she is trying to get back with her estranged husband. Halstead works on the case of a female patient, Mrs. Hendricks who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Cindy, her stepdaughter, being a nurse wanted her to get fast treatment.

He then consults Charles because the patient’s diagnosis is abnormal, and her condition which should be getting better with time is just reverting back. Charles then speaks to Cindy and Mrs. Hendricks, Cindy seemingly being upset that her mother has to go through unnecessary medical treatment.

Charles and Halstead speak to Mrs. Hendricks with Cindy asking if she remembers her doctor. Cindy becomes annoyed and had to be stopped by the police who were waiting. They find out that Cindy has been lying to her Mother to drain her bank account and since she was a nurse it was easy to fake it.

Charles is visited by Loni and she confesses her feeling for him.

Marcels after being asked out on a date by Archer visits Blake and they kiss. Blake’s daughter walks into them in the act and questions Marcel.

Chicago Med Season 7 Cast

Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 15 Release Date
Chicago Med

Nick Gehlfuss is an actor who plays the role of Will Halstead. Brian Tee is an actor who plays the role of Ethan Choi. Marlyne Barrett is an actress who plays the role of Maggie Lockwood. Dominic Rains is an actress who plays the role of Crockett Marcel. Yaya DaCosta is an actor who plays the role of April Sexton.

Where to watch Chicago Med?

Chicago Med can be watched on NBC at 8 p.m. ET/PT and streamed on Peacock and Hulu.

Chicago Med Season 7 trailer

Chicago Med trailer was released in July 2016 on YouTube.

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