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Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad Season 4 Episode 4 Release date

Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad Season 4 Episode 4 Release Date

Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad is a British television series based on travel and documentary. The first episode of the show was premiered on television on January 2, 2019, through ITV. The show is directed by Phil Ashton and consists of 4 seasons which 3 have already been telecasted. Presently, the buzz is about Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad Season 4 Episode 4 release date! The celebrity travelogue had crossed 5 million viewers an episode mark making it the most-watched British travelogue of the decade.

Bradley Walsh who does not love to travel quite often is forced by his son to come with him for a road trip. As his son Barney turned 21, Bradley is forced to travel around the United States. From the third season onwards they started exploring other European countries due to the Covid19 pandemic caused certain restrictions. The series portrays the travel experience and various incidents that took place during the trip.

The first season walks us through their journey around Los Angeles, Arizona, Texas, and New Orleans. In the second season, they travel through Florida, the Smoky Mountains, Kentucky, Ohio, Vermont, and Maine. They decided to extend the travel around the world in the third season. The episodes were shot in Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Italy. The Christmas special episode covered Iceland where they had a dip at the famous geothermal pool in the glaciers. The fourth season is currently proceeding in Croatia and later scheduled to move to Hungary for the next one.     

So, now it’s time for you all to go through this post to know about Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad season 4 episode 4 release date in detail.

Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad Season 4 Episode 4 Release Date

Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad Season 4 Episode 4 Release Date

The fourth episode of Bradley Walsh and Son Breaking Dad Season 4 is scheduled for release on February 07, 2022. The show will be streamed in ITV hub by 8:00 Am GMT in Britain and 1:30 Pm IST in India. The first episode of season 4 was released on January 17, 2022, and the second episode is scheduled for January 24, 2022. A total of 6 episodes are expected in a later season for which the travel destinations are not yet clear. From the four seasons, 18 episodes have already been streamed. 

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Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad Season 4 Episode 4 Story

The second episode of Bradley Walsh and Son Breaking Dad is shot in Hungary where they might hit the 3,000-mile mark in their journey. As the audience was shouting to extend the time duration of the episode from 30 minutes to an hour, we might have the opportunity to see an extended version of the episodes. Bradley and his son will visit a museum in Hungary that is well known for the works of an escape artist called Harry Houdini. Bradley tries a straitjacket trick in front of the escape artist and yet more to watch on the upcoming second episode.

Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad Season 3 Recap

In the first episode of season 3, Bradley Walsh and his son Barney travel to the Netherlands. There they engage in activities such as canal jumping and get on with track cycling with a world champion. They tried to climb a free-standing wall before leaving the country. In Germany, they visited Frankfurt and tried abseiling before attempting finger wrestling in Bratwurst. Before leaving Germany, they dedicated some time to the mountains. The most exciting episode was in Switzerland when they tried mountain rollercoaster and tried yodeling based on the Swiss tradition.

Afterward, the duo attempts bungee jump from the Contra Dam. The fourth episode witnessed Slovenian adventures including a trip to Mt. Planica along with the Slovenian National Quidditch Team for Ski diving and a visit to the cave in Ljubljana, the capital city. The final 2 episodes of the season were shot in Italy. In Monte Blado they went paragliding over the Lake Gard and tries yoga there. After a boat trip on a formula 1-speed boat, they head straight to the house of Andrea Bocelli, the opera superstar. After reaching Rome they headed straight to Amalfi Coast which is their final destination where they went for a cliff ride and swam in the sea.

Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad Season 4 Cast

Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad Season 4 episode 4 cast

Bradley John Walsh

Bradley Walsh is a British actor, anchor as well as a former professional footballer. He is well known as a comedian and for the same reason, Bradley is the perfect fit to host this show. He started his career in 1988 and currently works in ITV.       

Barney Walsh

Barney Walsh the son of Bradley Walsh, is also an actor who started his career in 2017 and currently is the co-host of the show Bradley Walsh and Son Breaking Dad.

Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad Season 4 Trailer

The sneak peeks and updates of Bradley Walsh and Son: Breaking Dad is available on the official Youtube channel of ITV. ITV also bagged the rights to screen it on television in England. The show can also be seen via SKY Go, ITV Hub, Virgin TV Go, and ITV Amazon Channel.

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