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Blue Lock Chapter 165 Release Date Updates!

Blue Lock Chapter 165 Release Date
Blue Lock Chapter 165 Release Date

Blue Lock is a Japanese sports thriller manga series published on August 1, 2018. The manga is written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yosuke Nomura. It is published in the Weekly Shonen Magazine which is printed by the Shonen Magazine comics. While the Japanese version is published by Kodansha, the English version is published under Kodansha USA. An animated version of the series is scheduled for release by 2022 however the exact date is not yet available. Blue Lock in the year 2021 has won the Kodansha manga awards for its nomination in the teen comic category.

The story is set in a football orientation where all the action happens. The Japanese national team finished in the 16th position. This was something the association have least expected to occur. The football team was given much priority and they thought of the team finishing in a much higher position. With the shocking news, the association started to give heat on the decisions for a new coach. It was then they came to terms with Jinpachi Ego to lead the team to the world cup. Jinpachi started a new training session called the Blue Lock to pick the best players. Several players of various talents came to the program. Yoichi Isagi enters the program along with others who have the full capability to become the best player the world football had ever seen.

Blue Lock Chapter 165 Release Date

Blue Lock
Blue Lock

The 165th chapter of Blue Lock is scheduled to be published by March 2, 2022. Blue Lock is published in the Weekly Shonen Magazine and Kodansha comics online every Wednesday. The first chapter of Blue Lock was published on August 1, 2018, which had already covered a total of 162 chapters from 17 volumes. The previous episode was printed on February 9, 2022, while the next is expected to be published by 23 February 2022 due to an unfortunate delay. Being a sports thriller the manga had gained popularity and for this reason, they have announced the animated version by the second quarter of 2022.

Blue Lock Chapter 163 Recap

The chapter named “Restart” witness the continuation of the match between the Bastard Munchen and FC Barcha. FC Barcha is currently on the lead which outplayed the Bastards’. It is now time for Kaiser to be the better version of him. The ball reaches the legs of Ness and he is all set to create an attack. On the way forward he finds Kaiser who is in a perfect position to receive the ball.

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Despite being in poor form, Kaiser dribbles and uses other skills to keep the ball moving. Several attacks organized by the Barcha players went in vain. Considerably the spectators started to witness Kaiser at his best. In the final half, he uses the illusion cross as well as a fake-out to score the best goal the world has ever seen. Everyone including the opposition stood silenced to see the pace and skill of Kaiser when the scoreboard turned 1-1. 

Blue Lock Chapter 165 Predictions

The match between FC Barcha and Bastard Munchen is underway. The wonderful execution of the plan especially by Kaiser allowed them to equalize. The next chapter titled “Embodiment” might witness the rise of a new champion. Kaiser is currently at his best form might pave way for a fabulous victory against Barcha. There is also a probability that Barcha might come forward just like Bastard did in the previous episode.

Blue Lock Chapter 165 Characters

Blue Lock Chapter 165 Release Date
Blue Lock

Yoichi Isagi

Isagi is an unpopular footballer who joined the Blue Lock to showcase his talent. The second-year student is an offensive midfielder who does several off-the-ball movements as well as plays direct shots on target. Before joining the Blue Lock he had experience in playing for his High school team.

Jinpachi Ego

As his name states, Jinpachi is an Egoistic new coach who was assigned to develop the Japan national football team. He is cold-hearted and often confronts the players rather than motivating them. Apart from that, Jinpachi is a highly talented confident coach who is capable of building the best team.

Michael Kaiser

Kaiser is a talented player who plays for the under-20 German Bastard Munchen team. The striker has multiple skills to play a direct game, fake-out move as well as illusion cross. His right foot cross is extremely speedy that one can find it only after the ball comes closer to the goal.

Blue Lock Chapter 165 Trailer

The official trailer of the eleventh chapter of Blue Lock was released on 30 July 2020. Blue Lock is currently available on Weekly Shonen Magazine and Kodansha comics as a web release. The sports thriller manga series is issued every Wednesday even if it gets delayed.  

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