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Black Summoner Anime Release Date: Canceled?

Black Summoner Anime Release Date
Black Summoner Anime Release Date

Black Summoner, written by Doufu Mayoi, is a Japanese light novel series that was published on the online platform Shosetsuka ni Naro in October 2014. In June 2016, under the Overlap Bunko imprint by Overlap, the series was published with illustrations drawn by Kurogin which has collected around 15 volumes as of 2021 August.

The manga adaptation for the series was drawn by Gin Ammo which was also published by Overlap’s Comic website called Comic Gardo in January 2018. All its chapters have collected around eleven tankobon volumes.

Black Summoner Anime Release Date

Although there were many speculations on when the Black Summoner anime would be coming out, they were halted after the official Japanese Black Summoner Twitter page announced that the anime will release in July 2022, a set date, however, is yet to be announced. It was stated that the anime with be produced by Satelight studio which is known for its works on Fairy Tail and Log horizon.

The Japanese voice actors for three of the main characters of the series have been announced, Kelvin, the protagonist will be voiced by Kouki Uchiyama who voiced the villain Tomura Shigaraki in My Hero Academy, and Toge Inumaki a character for the dark fantasy, Jujutsu Kaisen. Melfina the goddess and familiar of Kelvin will be voiced by Reina Ueda. The voice actor for Efil, a half-elf who is saved by Kelvin, will be given by Manaka Iwami who is known for her work as Tohru Honda, the protagonist from the Fruit Basket, and Kanao Tsuyuri from Demon slayer.

Black Summoner Recap

Black Summoner Anime Release Date
Black Summoner

Kelvin wakes up with no recollection of his memories with only a small menu screen by his side. This menu has a few clues about where he is and a voice comes from the menu giving him an explanation of how he has won a mysterious raffle that has allowed him to be transported to another world which was what caused him to lose his memories and unbeknown to him, he has already accepted all the conditions put forth by the menu.

The menu tells him that before he lost his memories, he was given the option to choose his new name and skills. Kelvin finds out he has two S-Class abilities, Summoning Skill, which upon further research shows that it can be used to make pacts or contracts with familiars, and Appraisal skill. Along with these two skills he also has an enchanted skill point and growth rate.

Kelvin learns that the voice in the menu comes from the goddess with an ability to reincarnate people, her name being Melfina, who is more than a thousand years old and is in a familiar contract with him. Kelvin decides to summon her but is unable to due to having a low MP or Magic Points. So he sets out with the goal to level up and increases his MP so he can summon the deity.

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Black Summoner Characters


Kelvin is the protagonist of the light novel and manga, Black Summoner. He wakes up in another world with no memories of his past life with only a small menu screen by his side. Currently, Kelvin is an S-Class adventure after winning against Sylvia in a battle. Kelvin is known by many different names throughout the series the first one being the series title name “Black Summoner” which was given to him by Tristan Faze and the other being “Shinigami” which means grim reaper which was given due to his weapon being a scythe.


Sera is a Magic Warrior who is the former Demon King’s daughter. She is an Arc Demon who is 21 years old. She meets Kelvin after she gets locked in a D Class dungeon in the Cave of the Lurkers, where he saves her. Sera is shown to have pinkish red which is styled in a side pony and pinkish-red eyes.


Melfina is a goddess who has the power to bring people from other worlds through reincarnation and is also the woman who Kelvin is in love with. She is staying with Kelvin and his party through possession of another person’s body. Melfina has bluish-grey long hair and blue eyes. She takes on the job of Valkyrie.

Where to Read Black Summoner?

Black Summoner can be read on J-Novel Club’s official website.

Black Summoner Anime Trailer

Black Summoner Teaser was released on the official YouTube channel of JP Anime on March 26, 2022.

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