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Big Timber Season 3 Release Date Updates

Big Timber Season 3 Release Date
Big Timber Season 3 Release Date

In the British Columbian province of Canada, the majority of the people devote immense time and expertise in business related to timber. The series follows the life of the population and adds some flavor to the incidents within. Furthermore, Big timber is a Canadian reality television series that portrays the lives of working professionals. Big Timber is directed by different personals combined in all the episodes. However, Shawn Viens and Chris Wayatt were the key figures behind the executional works in all the episodes. The editing department had also done a fabulous job in generating the series into a different yet unique representation.

A Canadian television network named History Channel telecasted the series every Thursday at 10:00 PM EST. Big Timber ran for almost a year featuring eighteen episodes so far in which all the episodes stood within the time limit of forty-two minutes. Moreover, Big Timber media developed the series and released it in the English language despite the massive French-speaking population of British Columbia and the whole of Canada. The series is also known by the name Familien pa sagbruket . It was also available on its official website “Corus Website”. While the series was premiered on October 8, 2020, it came to an end by December 9, 2021. 

Big Timber Season 3 Release Date

Big Timber Season 3 Release Date
Big Timber

Currently, Netflix holds the streaming rights for the Canadian series. However, it has not been confirmed that they have renewed the series for a third season. The first two seasons were not as great as they wanted things to be. Due to these reasons, a third season is still on the plate for discussions. Netflix may ask for a complete change in approach. A strong chance also exists that the entire crew will be changed after renewing the series.   

SeasonsRelease Dates
Big Timber Season 1 Release Date8 October 2020
Big Timber Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Big Timber Season 3 Release Date

Big Timber Season 3 Story

The series follows the life of some employees employed in the timber generating industry. It is how they generate their daily expense to look after their family. However, these works are somewhat different from other jobs. The first one is that it is not a sort of white-collar job but needs immense hard work and patience. Moreover, the job demands physical strength and the ability to count up any challenges which stand between them and success. It could even be life-taking as they will have to involve themselves in dangerous situations. Various landforms will be extremely difficult in terms of transportation and processing the woods to take back from these places as well. Big Timber is the representation of this working-class living on the island of Vancouver in British Columbia.

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However, the prime focus is on the life of a sawmill owner named Kevin Wenstob. His family consists of his wife and a son. Being in a bigger competition to be the best one out there he puts everything at stake to engage in extremely dangerous practices to earn hard. It was all of a sudden that he finds a large resource worth millions of dollars. But due to the peculiarity of the geographical location, it is hard for someone to reach out there. Despite the challenges people put in front of him, he tries his level best but ends up in a devastating situation. The next episodes will focus on his further developments and more dangerous challenges. After a dangerous encounter, it will be hard for him to keep the security and happiness of his family at stake.   

Big Timber Season 3 Characters

Big Timber
Big Timber

Kevin Wenstob

Kevin is the owner of a timber processing factory. He is an established employer in Vancouver and lives with his wife and son. Kevin is currently the owner and managing director of Wenstob timber. 

Coleman Willner

Coleman is the chief of the Wenstob timber factory and is the main cast of the series. His focus is on the money and works hard for that despite the problems that lie his way.  

Big Timber Season 3 Trailer  

An official trailer of Big Timber season three hasn’t been released yet. It will only be released once they announce the third part.

Where to Watch Big Timber Season 3?

Netflix will have the upper hand to regain the broadcasting rights for the nest part of Big Timber. However, there is no confirmation regarding the telecasting rights. This is mainly due to uncertainty caused mainly due to the termination of the contract.  

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