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When To Expect Bella And The Bulldogs Season 3 Release Date?

Bella And The Bulldogs Season 3 Release Date
Bella And The Bulldogs Season 3 Release Date

Nickelodeon Network’s Bella and the bulldogs is a sitcom genre Tv show for Children. Written and created by Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza, the show is accoladed at various award functions as it went on to get nominated for ‘The kids Choice Award for a favorite international program of series.’

The show debuted on 17 January 2015 with two episodes, and one by one, the first season ended on 30 May 2015 with a total of 20 episodes. The show’s main character is Bella Dawson, played by talented Brec Bassinger, Bella is seen in a trio with Pepper and Sophie.

Bella and the bulldogs season 3 Release date

If you are a fan of Bella and the bulldogs, then sadly, season 3 was canceled by Nickelodeon Network. The reason behind the show’s cancellation was never clarified by either creators or Nickelodeon; the show ended with a total of 40 episodes in 2 seasons. Although the story’s plot was quite interesting and deserved the third season, the viewership of the show might have forced the cancellation of the show.

Bella and the bulldogs are currently rated 5 out of 10 on IMDB’s official website. They are also liked by 89% of Google users, In most cases, rating matters, but in Bella and the bulldogs’ case, despite the drop in ratings, the show is still loved by many young watchers.

Name of the ShowBella And The Bulldogs
Season NumberSeason 3
Bella And The Bulldogs Season 1 Release Date17 January 2015
Bella And The Bulldogs Season 3 Release DateCanceled
Bella And The Bulldogs Season 3 Overview

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Bella and the Bulldogs Season 2 Recap

Bella And The Bulldogs Season 3 Release Date
Bella and the bulldogs

Season 2 highlights a unique character in the form of ‘Bella’ who, unlike other Cheerleaders, chooses a very different path in life in sports by Joining the boy’s Football team. In 20 episodes, the depiction of Bella’s journey to the top is quite interesting and sends a social message of dedication and hard work to its young watchers. ‘Troy’ is the one who is seen playing an opposite motion role of Bella as he creates obstacles for Bella while she is on her way to playing in the team.

The last few episodes highlighted quite a setback for Bella when at one point, her confidence is shaken when she fails to make an effective team with soccer and football players. While the other characters like Troy and Sophie are also seen doing quite a good performance, Troy’s differences with Bella became widen when a young boy chooses Bella as his mentor over him. Sophie, with her supporting role, also stole the show by assisting troy in asking Charlotte for a date; Sophie also promotes her Mom’s cake in the show.

Although the final episode ended with Bella being left out of the team for their playoff game, the story of Bella was expected to continue. Still, unexpectedly, the series was wrapped up with the second season on 25 June 2016.

Bella and the bulldogs season 3 Cast

Bella And The Bulldogs Season 3 Release Date
Bella And The Bulldogs

Since there is no third season of the show, here are the characters of seasons second and first: Brec Bassinger as Bella Dawson, Coy Stewart as Troy, Jackie Radinsky as Sawyer, Buddy Handleson as Newt, Haley Tju as Pepper, Lilimar as Sophie, Nick Alvarez as Luis, Rio Mangini as Ace, Tim Johnson as Chauncy and Kalama Epstein as Kyle. Other notable characters of season 2 are Katie and Logan as they are the senior members of the cast.

Bella, among all, is the most epic main character in the show; she is seen finding her way into the football team as a new quarterback. The idea of the addition of Bella is not liked by the other member (Bulldogs) as they question the decision of the coach various times. Somehow Bella maintains her position in the team and involves in a series of comedic revenge moments against the Bulldogs with the assistance of two of her very close friends Sophie and Pepper.

Bella and the Bulldogs season 3 trailer

Nickelodeon canceled the third season, so there is no teaser or trailer for season 3. But you can watch the Trailer for the previous season at the top of the article.

The show is also not expected to make a return as both creators and distributors have moved on from the idea of making a return with another season. The fanbase of the show still expresses their displeasure with the cancellation of the show.

Where to watch Bella and the Bulldogs season 3 Online?

Since there is no season 3 of the Tv show, You can still stream the previous two seasons on Netflix, Prime Video, and FuboTV after buying their subscription.

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