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Bargain Hunt Season 61 Episode 10 Release Date!

Bargain Hunt Season 61 Episode 10 Release Date

Bargain Hunt is a famous reality game show which is organized by the British Broadcasting Corporation productions. The United Kingdom-based television series is captured in a 1080i HDTV picture format. Moreover, the series was premiered on March 13, 2022. During its first couple of years, the series was telecasted as a daytime version. However, this was shifted into a nighttime or primetime version consequently. The show is hosted by a popular celebrity and undergoes the entire process by their charismatic command. More than 1800 episodes had been telecasted from all the seasons aired to date. Bargain Hunt is produced by Paul Tucker under the supervision of Joanne Dunscombe. Alex McCarter who is the director of the show had appointed Natasha Raskin Sharp as the new presenter for the season.

The popular British television series titled “Bargain Hunt” is a game show which is unique by its presentation. The stage is set for a competitive game where two teams that contain two people participate at the same time. They are given a specific amount of money that has to be utilized by some antique product. Participants have the authority to buy as per their interests and logic. However, they have to sell it in an auction by attaining a profit margin. Being a competition, both the team will have to select the antique pieces wisely and decision making is yet another skill that is required.

Moreover, the contestants have to make a bargain when buying the piece which makes the show more interesting. The experts also have a hand in determining the best buys and pieces and declaring the winner. They will join the contestants and provide valuable information for their buys. 

Bargain Hunt Season 61 Episode 10 Release Date

Bargain Hunt Season 61 Episode 10 Release Date
Bargain Hunt

Bargain Hunt is a long-scheduled series that had already covered 1807 episodes from its 61 seasons. The series has a history of almost 22 years was premiered on March 13, 2000. It is generally aired every Monday and Friday at 12:15 CST. The British Broadcasting Corporation Studios Factual Entertainment Productions are licensed to produce the show since 2007. Formerly, other associates that belonged to the BBC were undertaking the production works. Furthermore, the sixty-first season of the reality game show began by November 19, 2021, and is set for thirty-episode-long entertainment. However, the tenth episode of Bargain Hunt is all set to reach the television sets by March 21, 2022. 

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Bargain Hunt Season 61 Recap

The show usually began with the two teams introducing themselves and showing their intent to win by defeating their opponent. Richard Madley and Roo Irvine were the two experts for the seventh episode. The episode was mainly targeted at the Harrogate area in search of new antiques. Those antique pieces were to be bought by the contestants and sold in the auction wisely. On the other hand, the presenter of the show Natasha Raskin Sharp got involved in studying the peculiarities of the area. She had some history lessons about Ripon and the cultural and traditional aspects.

Bargain Hunt Season 61 Episode 11 Story

The eighth episode of Bargain Hunt season sixty-one is titled “South Well 13”. Natasha Raskin Sharp will make way for Charlie Ross to be the new presenter for the next episode. They will visit South Well in the United Kingdom for their new adventure. Steph Connell and Mark Stacey will take charge of the mentors helping the competitors to make the right deals. More historical lessons and information wait along their journey to the South Well. 

Bargain Hunt Season 61 Cast

Bargain Hunt Season 61 Episode 10 Release Date

Natasha Raskin Sharp

Natasha is a 35-year-old popular Scottish television presenter who is famous for her contributions to various game shows. She grasped public attention after her involvement in the programs such as Antiques Road Trip, Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, Baggage Battles, and so on. Natasha was graduated from the University of Glasgow in the History of arts after dropping from studying law at the University of Leeds.

Where to Watch Bargain Hunt Season 61?

Bargain Hunt is telecasted on the BBC One channel probably on Monday and Friday every week. In addition, the reality-based adventurous game show is streamed at 12:15 PM CST on the day of release. However, the series will be available by 6:30 PM CST on the BBC Two channel the day after its initial release. The broadcasting rights of the series are bagged by BBC studios right from the first season. Furthermore, the official trailer of Bargain Hunt season sixty-one is not available on YouTube.  

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