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B.M.F Season 2 Release Date Latest Updates

B.M.F Season 2 Release Date

Are you a crime genre enthusiast? Do not miss watching the BMF aka Black Mafia Family. This American crime drama tv series is super addictive owing to its amazing plot and based on a black mafia family, thereby instigating curiosity among the viewers. This show was first released in September, the year 2021 and received massive love and outstanding critic reviews! 

The plot is about the whole family which is embodied in drug trafficking as well as funds laundering organizations. BMF is boosted by the factual story of two brothers who advanced from the putrid region in America at the end of the 1980s and gave conception to one of the considerable persuasive crime households in this country.  And a piece of good news for the viewers, this show is renewed observing the tremendous love showcased.

B.M.F Season 2 Release Date

B.M.F Season 2 Release Date

Well, the first season was broadcasted in September in the year 2021, after which in a short time this crime-packed thriller was renewed for its second season. Well, you need not wait for a long time, as per recent news, this much-awaited season of BMF would be broadcasted by Starz in January, the year 2023. Initially, this season was planned to be broadcast in 2022 but owing to a few difficulties it has been pushed to 2023. One cannot wait to binge-watch this series, with predictions going around for the series to be much more thrilling and have much-needed romance in it.

Name of the ShowB.M.F
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreCrime Drama
B.M.F Season 1 Release Date26 September 2021
B.M.F Season 2 Release DateRenewed (No Date)
B.M.F Season 2 Overview

B.M.F Season 2 Story

Before looking into or predicting the plot for season 2, let us have a quick recap of BMF’s first season. This series, as mentioned prior is based on a true story thereby few of the events make one think, is this even real? Well, yes, this was the era of influential crime families in power in the 1980s. As per the real story, the two brothers Meech and Terry’s personalities as well as vision gave rise to this family. This is a tale about passion, disloyalty, and hooligan capitalism for the purpose of the American dream. 

In the second season, one can predict to see much more romantic angles between the leads as well as it being totally action-packed. One can see the story being continued where Meech was not hearing of Terry’s unique pivot and was more enterprising. Also, only Terry was entitled to the new plug, or in case Meech decides to go back, he would have expired! This plot would probably be continued but you never know what the makers do! Time will tell where Terry and Meech’s life leads upon.

B.M.F Season 2 Cast

B.M.F Season 2 Release Date

Now, the main leads, the brothers Demetrius “Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory would definitely be seen in the series, portrayed excellently by Demetrius Flenory Jr. and Da’Vinchi.  We can also expect to see other main characters such as Charles Flenory,  Lucille Flenory,  Markaisha Taylor, Detective Bryant, and Detective Veronica Jin to be seen again portrayed by brilliant actors. Also, how can we forget one of the most popular characters, B-Mickie embodied by Myles Truitt? The supporting characters are also expected to be showcased in season 2, with more in-depth of the crimes of the family and how they utilize their power!

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B.M.F Season 2 Trailer

Since the announcement of season 2, fans have been eagerly waiting for its trailer. It has not been released yet but need not worry, we are expecting it to be as good as the preceding one and it would be released soon! Also, viewers can expect a 9-episode-long series with each episode being approximate fifty minutes. While you wait for the trailer of the second season, why don’t you reminisce in nostalgia and watch the first again? It would give the same feeling as watching it for the first time and you never know, you might find things that you missed prior.

Where to Watch B.M.F Season 2 Online?

Now, if one wants to watch BMF, go to the Starz website or maybe download the Starz app to enjoy the show. It can also be watched on a popular OTT platform, Amazon Prime Video in the form of a packaged add-on. It is also obtainable on Spectrum as well as DirecTV.

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