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Ayashimon Chapter 8 release date and Spoilers

Ayashimon Chapter 8 Release Date
Ayashimon Chapter 8 Release Date

Ayashimon is an ongoing Japanese manga written by Kaka Yuji since 15th November 2021. The genre of the manga is supernatural, action, martial arts. This manga has a viewer’s rating of 4.5 out of 5 which tells us that the manga readers are thoroughly enjoying this manga. It is published weekly in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The manga has been released for the English reading audience by Viz Media. 

Ayashimon Chapter 8 Release Date 

Episode 7 is said to release on 26th December 2021 which means episode 8 of Ayashimon will release in the first week of January 2022 till the magazine makes any announcements regarding the release of the new chapters.

All the fans of the manga Ayashimon can eagerly wait for the new chapters 7 and 8 to be a New Year’s present which is a pleasant gift for any manga fan out there! So far 6 chapters have been released for the manga and the response from the readers and fans has been tremendous which tells us that Ayashimon is one of the most popular manga ongoing at the moment. 

Ayashimon Chapter 8 Story

Ayashimon Chapter 8 Release Date

This manga tells us about the life of a huge manga fan named Maruo Kaido. He has been watching and fanboying over manga ever since he was a little child. He dreamed of having the same skills and ability as those of the characters in manga possessed and tries replicating all the training which he grew up reading. This training turns him into an extremely strong human at the age of just seven when he finds out he can easily break rocks using his strength acquired from all the training. 

The main highlight of the manga happens when he comes across a girl named Urara who is not human, but rather a spiritual entity called “Yokai” in Japanese folklore. Urara is being troubled and chased by the members of the Ayashimon Yakuza gang which in Japanese stands for a criminal mafia group. Maruo protects and defends Urara against this gang which impresses Urara. 

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She is shocked to know that Maruo has no supernatural powers but possesses so much strength and power while being a human being. She decides to recruit Maruo as a member of the Yakuza. Maruo is excited when he realizes his childhood dream to live life as a manga character has come true and he can fulfill his fantasy as a member of Yakuza. 

Ayashimon Chapter 7 Recap 

So far 6 chapters of Ayashimon have been released where in the last chapter Numbers 4 and 11 were exposed to who was responsible for leaking important information of intel to the Enma Syndicate. This chapter talked about the rivalry and politics within the five gangs and the traitors who are trying to leak information to the opposition gangs. 

The chapters always end on a cliffhanger where the readers are kept on the edge of their seats to know what happens next. The readers are curious to know whether there are more mysterious numbers keeping an eye on Urara or Maruo. Meanwhile, Urara will spy on the various members closely to extract as much information as possible to ensure the security and safety of their plans and secrets. 

Ayashimon Chapter 8 Expectations

Ayashimon Chapter 8 Release Date

The creator of Ayashimon is also the creator of the ever-famous manga called Hell’s Paradise. Perhaps, this is one of the major reasons why so many manga fans have built such high expectations from Ayashimon as they want to experience the same thrill and excitement they experienced while reading Hell’s Paradise. 

To analyze and review Ayashimon as a substantial manga would be unfair at the moment because of just 6 chapters released which is literally the beginning of any manga. What we can say is that Ayashimon seems to look very promising as even the first 6 chapters are full of thrill, suspense, and action which has impressed the readers of the manga. 

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