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Assistant of Superstar Episode 14 Release Date

Assistant of Superstar Episode 14 Release Date
Assistant of Superstar Episode 14 Release Date

Assistant of Superstar is a Chinese comedy romantic drama developed by Han Xu Dan under the direction of Li Wen Hao. The television series was premiered on February 14, 2022, releasing a total of six episodes altogether. Assistant of Superstar was adapted from a novel called “King Assistant”. The television series is also known by the name “Assistant to Heavenly King” and “Tian Wang Zhu Li”. 

Assistant of Superstar is all about a famous superstar, who has much public attention. Most of the people believe in him and worship him based on his looks. Wang Yu Xi hides all his personal lives in his charm and lives a pleasant public life. In reality, things that define him in the public are not at all true. In the fake smile, he carries several secrets. Firstly, he is not well educated and the institutes were not good enough. Secondly, he lives in the borders in terror with an absolutely poor standard of living.

However, during some circumstances, he accidentally shifts to his awkward living as well as acting style. Having the inability to hide his feelings his company decides to hide a teacher. Wei Chi Yao who had the fear of being in a crowd didn’t put down the opportunity came in front of her to teach a superstar. He helps him to be better at acting. Their student-teacher relationship takes a huge turn into something more appealing. 

Assistant of Superstar Episode 14 Release Date 

The fourteenth episode of Assistant of Superstar is scheduled for its release on February 22, 2022, along with episode thirteen. Assistant of Superstar is currently telecasted on the Youku network every Monday to Wednesday at 6:00 pm CST. While the last episode was aired on February 14, 2022, the next part is scheduled for February 15, 2022. The production team of the show has already announced 24 episodes for the season of which 6 had come out to date. Assistant of Superstar is on the run with approximately 45 minutes on each episode.

Assistant of Superstar Episode 1 Release Date 14 February 2022
Assistant of Superstar Episode 14 Release Date 22 February 2022

Assistant of Superstar Season 1 Story

The famous superstar Wang Yu Xi struggles with issues related to his acting which is revealed during his conference related to a new movie. The company he represents wants him to improve his act so that they can also improve his star value. Wei Chi Yao is appointed as a tutor for him who was also intrigued to be a teacher to a popular actor. She gives him books to learn from as well as various exercises for practice. Despite all the efforts made, Wang still didn’t feel so engaging. Wei Chi Yao had feared staying in front of a crowd which also causes some issues. Considerably their teacher-student relationship changes slightly into the next gear sharing more professional matters that invite more situations.    

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Assistant of Superstar Season 1 Cast

Assistant of Superstar Episode 14 Release Date
Assistant of Superstar

Kele Sun/Sun Ze Yuan: Wang You Xi

Wang You Xi in Assistant of Superstar is portrayed by the Chinese actor Kele Sun or Sun Ze Yuan. He was introduced into the film industry through the movie, ”Go Brother” in the year 2018. In addition, he debuted in a television series through “I Cannot Hug You” in 2017. The 25-year-old actor had already acted in 8 television series to date. 

Lu Yu Xiao: Wei Chi Yao

Wei Chi Yao in the Assistant of Superstar is played by the Chinese actress Lu Yu Xiao. The 22-year-old actress had made her debut on the small screens in the year 2021 through the TV drama named “No Boundary”. She has already acted in 5 television series from 2021 to 2022. “The Longest Promise” is her latest work which is under production works. 

Xu He Ni: Song Qige

Song Qige in the television series is acted by the Chinese actor Xu He Ni. The 23-year-old actor was debuted in the year 2017 through “Advance Bravely”. He has already acted in 5 television series “Qing Luo” being the last one in the year 2021.

Kong Xiao Ming: Zhu Dazhuang

Zhu Dazhuang in the Assistant of Superstar is portrayed by the Chinese actor Kong Xiao Ming. The 34-year-old actor had his debut in the year 2017 through the television drama “Detective Samoyeds”. Ming had completed 6 television series the last one being Assistant of Superstar. 

Assistant of Superstar Season 1 Trailer

The official trailer of Assistant of Superstar was released on February 10, 2022. It is currently streaming on Youku every Monday to Wednesday at 6:00 pm CST and 3:30 IST. The trailer introduces Wang You Xi and Wei Chi Yao and the entire plot of the series. The actor who struggles in the field is given a tutor by his company to improve his way of acting. They jointly create a plan and execute the ideas which consequently improve his acts.

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