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And Just Like That Episode 7 Release Date And Updates!

And Just Like That episode 7 release date

The super successful show Sex And The City which won the hearts of a lot of people have returned to the small screen in the form of And Just Like That created by Michael Patrick King. It airs on HBO Max and is said to last for a period of 10 episodes with the stellar cast of the classic Sex And The City. The genre of the show is Romantic Comedy as expected since it runs along the line of the classic show. 

And Just Like That Episode 7 Release Date 

Episode 7 of And Just Like That is titled, “Sex And The Widow”. This episode will be aired on the 13th of January 2022. The cast of the show remains the same with evergreen actress Sarah Jessica Parker who has played the protagonist for over six seasons of Sex And The City along with acting as the same for two movies of the same franchise as well. 

It is after a span of 17 years that this cast is returning to the small screen resuming their roles as Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte as before. Anyone who has been a fan of Sex And The City is aware of the iconic fourth friend of the group called Samantha played by Kim Cattrall. Some of the most iconic lines of the show were spoken by her, unfortunately, she refused to return to her role as Samantha for And Just Like That which is why this new show continues the spin on these three friends. 

And Just Like That Episode 6 Recap 

And Just Like That episode 7 release date

The three friends, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte meet up in quite a bustling restaurant while revealing to us that their fourth pal, Samantha is busy with her life in London and is no longer as close to them as before. All three of the characters are in their 50s, navigating through life, while some deal with their children, their whims, and wishes while their own wild youth lies in their past which we are already well aware of because of Sex And The City.

If we talk about eventful or serious plotlines in And Just Like That, then the answer would be so far the show has strung together the present state of the characters and what their life is about connecting it to where they left it off. To experience some major drama and drama in the show, we will have to wait for the newer episodes as these initial episodes were necessary to get back in touch with the characters. 

The much-talked-about couple of the original show, that is Carrie and Mr. Big have been debated and discussed for years, it seems like it is good news for all the shippers of the couple since both of them are still very much in love with each other! There seems to be no trouble in paradise as far as the love angle of these characters is concerned. 

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And Just Like That Episode 7 Story

And Just Like That episode 7 release date

And Just like That has garnished an average rating of 5.7 which tells us that the audience may not be as happy about this spin-off as they were about the original Sex And The City. The reviews tell us more or less the same thing, which is that And Just Like That has nothing new to offer. The characters have lived their lives and the full potential in the six seasons and two movies, And Just Like That do not have anything to add to where Sex And The City left off since it ended as a complete on its own. 

Though, for quite a number of viewers who are eagerly watching And Just Like That, their motive to watch it has more to do with their love for the actors, cast, and characters that they already know and have loved for so many years. They do not care about the plot or content as long as they get to see these legendary characters just speaking and existing as they have always known them.

And Just Like That specifically caters to that part of the audience who are fans of Sex And The City since And Just Like That was created as a spin-off for the same, to view it as an independent show with its own plot, content, and drama would be a bit unfair to the stellar cast as well. It becomes more difficult when there is one integral character missing when the original cast for six seasons and two movies saw huge success along with the four characters of the show! 

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