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American Auto Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date

American Auto Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date
American Auto Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date

American Auto is an American television show which premiered on 13th December 2021 on the NBC network. So far 2 episodes have been released for this series. The genre of the show is a situation comedy which is one of the most common and popular genres of American television. The show tells us about the daily whims and lives of executives and employees working in the automobile sector for a company based in Detroit. The employees are trying to adjust to the changing norms and environment of the industry. Katherine Hastings joins the company as the new CEO. She has been chosen for the role because of her strong personality and skills as a leader and professional understanding of the business world. Though, the only slight hitch seems to be the utter absence of knowledge about automobiles, cars, and anything to do with this field. The name of the automobile company is Payne Motors where the entire show and its plot takes place. American Auto does not focus on just one branch of the office but shows the situation of all levels of workers at the company right from the corporate executives to the workers of the factory floor and their daily lives. 

American Auto Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date

Episode 4 of American Auto will be released on the 11th of January 2022 on the NBC network. The title of the episode is The $10k Car. This episode will revolve around Katherine’s car and the idea that came around it by Sadie and Cyrus who are in a dilemma of how to break the truth to Katherine as she might get mad at them. Each episode is of the duration of 22 minutes at 8 pm ET on the NBC network NBC. The first episode was released on the 13th of December while the second episode came out on the 13th of December simultaneously titled White Van. The third episode aired on the 4th of January while the fourth episode is being highly anticipated by the fans who seem to enjoy this new situation comedy series by NBC. The creator of American Auto Justin Spitzer is also renowned for creating the hit NBC comedy show Superstore alongside he has also been the executive producer for the legendary show The Office. 

American Auto Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

American Auto Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date
American Auto Season 1

The show began with Katherine becoming the new CEO of Payne Motors and is trying her best to learn about this auto company from Saddie. She wants to fit right in and understanding how things work around here can be quite difficult and time taking the job. Meanwhile, Payne Motor is ready to release its new model of car named Ponderosa. Though, things do not go as well as they had imagined as it is discovered that the car’s A.I. fails to detect objects that are darker in the shade while it can completely detect whiter objects. This creates a huge issue publicly as they get accused of racism when the car hits a black man but protects the cutout of a white family perfectly.  

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American Auto Season 1 Episode 4 Cast

American Auto Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date
American Auto Season 1

Ana Gasteyer 

Ana Gasteyer plays the role of Katherine Hastings who is the new CEO at Payne Motors in American Auto. The actress has been a Saturday Night Live host from  1996 to 2002 and has also been a part of shows like ABC’s Suburgatory and Lady Dynamite on Netflix. 

Harriet Dyer 

Harriet Dyer is an actress from Australia who is playing the role of Saddie in the sitcom American Auto. She helps Katherine the CEO in understanding the dynamics and works ethics inside Payne Motors since Katherine is new to the place. Harriet has recently starred in The InBetween which was also a show from NBC. 

Jon Barinholtz 

Jon Barinholtz plays the role of Wesly in American Auto and anybody watching the show must have recognized him as he also starred in the popular show called Superstore. He played the role of Marcus White and received a lot of recognition and appreciation for the same. He has also starred in shows like Getting On and Pie Guys though his most successful acting career remains through Superstore so far. 

Tye White 

Tye White stars as Jack in the comedy show American Auto where he is one of the employees at the auto company. He has previously worked in shows like Greenleaf, Drumline, Red Band Society but he did not have a significant following until starring in American Auto. 

Watch this show by clicking here on NBC.

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