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All On The Line Season 2 Release Date: Is It Confirmed?

All On The Line Season 2 Release Date
All On The Line Season 2 Release Date

All On The Line is a documentary cum reality TV show, that aired on National Discovery in May 2020. It is the first television series to highlight Gloucester’s renowned fishery. The show has a total of five episodes with a minimum duration of forty to forty-five minutes and has been rated 7.2 out of 10 on IMDb. Here’s what we know about All On The Line Season 2 Release Date.

All On The Line Season 2 Release Date

All On The Line Season 2 Release Date
All On The Line

All On the Line is another high-seas reality adventure genre series that airs on Discovery after the hugely popular “Deadliest Catch”. In this show, we get to see as courageous fishing families fight to survive in this titanic conflict between man and the ocean beast (the enormous Atlantic Bluefin Tuna). Fans are eagerly waiting for the renewal of All On the Line but unfortunately, there has not been an official announcement if there will be a second season or if it will be canceled.

Documentaries about navigating rough seas have always been popular. It also came as no surprise that “All on the Line” succeeded to draw viewers. So, we anticipate that Discovery ought to order a new season shortly. And it should air sometime in the summer of 2023, whenever that occurs.

Name of the ShowAll On The Line
Season NumberSeason 2
All On The Line Season 1 Release Date29 March 2011
All On The Line Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
All On The Line Season 2 Overview

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All On The Line Season 2 Story

According to the show’s synopsis, it’s all hands-on deck as fishermen risk everything and anything to bring home a huge reward in the storied fishing town of Gloucester, Massachusetts. The events of “All on the Line” take place in the storied fishing community of Gloucester, Massachusetts, during the late Atlantic Bluefin Tuna season. Two crews are looking for the gigantic tuna to feed their family throughout the winter even though the majority of the boats have stopped operating for the season.

The stakes are higher than ever with the weather growing worse and the fish getting bigger. One of the most expensive fish in the world is the North Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. They can weigh up to 1000 pounds, and because there aren’t many of them, a single catch can cost up to $20,000. However, there are restrictions – one is assigned a strict quota to prevent overfishing and to encourage sustainability. Fishermen who want to make a fortune must make the biggest catches as quickly as possible or run the danger of coming home empty-handed. So here is the catch: every boat is only permitted one fish each day, and they must reel it in by hand as is customary.

All On The Line Season 2 Cast

All On The Line Season 2 Release Date
All On The Line

The show casts the crew of three, named Paul Christie, Danny Smith Jr, and Johnny Johnson. In the show, All on the Line, the crews of the fishing vessels Julia Nicole and Subdivider are the main subjects. The groups on both of these ships have an unusual bond, which is uncommon in a market where there is an intense, brutal rivalry. Captaining the “Subdivider” is renowned fisherman Johnny Johnson. He was a member of the Grateful Dead Road crew in the early 1980s and now has a crew of the best fishermen.

He had traveled the globe before settling in Hawaii and beginning yellowfin tuna fishing. Johnny wants to succeed like his father, who holds the record for catching the largest catfish in the world. He declared that one day, he is going to capture a 15,000-pound fish and set his own personal world record. He is also renowned for lending a hand to others in an effort to uphold the traditions of his hometown.

We have the entire family, including Dan Smith Sr., on the “Julia Nicole.” Danny Jr., a high school hockey star who is 18 years old, wants to pass down the family legacy. The family firm, which has now operated for three generations, will come to an end if Jr. is unable to establish his worth. Both of the aforementioned crews should return in season 2.

All On The Line Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, there’s not an official release of the All On The Line Season 2 Trailer.

Where To Watch All On The Line Season 2 Online?

You can watch the show All on the line on the streaming platform of Discovery GO and also on Prime Video.

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