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After the Rain Season 2 Release Date Updates

After the Rain Season 2 Release Date
After the Rain Season 2 Release Date

Japanese manga series is one of the toughest industries where completion is at its maximum range. It is also considered to be a nightmare for almost everyone who plans on working on any project. Moreover, it is often amazing to think how animated projects are having a great success than that movies. Magazine manga is yet another established industry where the commercial success rate is much higher than in other countries. This is the same story as the Japanese manga series titled “After the Rain”. The manga belongs to a modern version of the series and got released on June 27, 2014. At first, the magazine manga was released monthly on the Monthly Big Comic Spirits for around a year and was changed into a weekly magazine.

This run lasted for four years and a total of ten volumes from the overall period. In the year 2017, an announcement regarding an animated television version went viral. The manga had a decent amount of fans who were extremely happy with the reports. Finally, in the second week of 2018, the first episode of the anime was released to the public. It was Wit Studios that developed the anime which was released through Fuji TV. Ayumu Watanabe who was the director of the anime had his reputation go high up after the release. People felt something special as if it was so intensely connecting the people with an emotional touch. The script work from Deko Akao appeared to be a resemblance to the manga version and felt as engaging as the former.

After the Rain Season 2 Release Date

After the Rain Season 2 Release Date
After the Rain Season 2

Regardless of the revolving assumptions, it is almost clear that the series named After the Rain won’t come back again. This is mainly because of the reason that there is not much more left to be shown in a possible second season. Moreover, the first season which aired twelve episodes managed to present all the elements of the manga magazine version. Due to that very reason, the chances are slighter for Fuji TV to renew the series in the upcoming years. However, it was amazon who was on the other end and capable of trying something new. But the saddest thing to accept is that the award-winning series have nothing left to show.

It was running exactly based on the ten volumes published in the magazine. But now it is being portrayed completely and an extension is only possible if they move on with the same concept. After the Rain was commercially a success which was achieved due to a large public corporation. Fans often took the discussions on social media platforms at a point in time. Sadly, no one came up forward or decide to give the public any sort of information about their current stand. However, as of now, no one expressed any interest to renew the series for a second season. Even if some online platforms make a bid to be an official partner, we may only be able to see another edition by late 2023. 

SeasonsRelease Dates
After the Rain Season 1 Release Date 12 January 2018
After the Rain Season 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet
After the Rain Season 2 Release Date

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After the Rain Season 2 Story

The series is more or less a realistic kind of a story that may give a relatable feeling to the person watching it. A young girl falls for a shop manager she works with and gets into an intra-personal conflict on choosing a wise decision. The age gap between the two is certainly a big concern in having a romantic relationship. After the Rain is set from Akira Tachibana’s perspective with all the teenage troubles bothering her. However, in the end, she ends up in a relationship with Masami Kondo after mutually agreeing to act more maturely as a couple.

After the Rain Season 2 Characters

After the Rain Season 2 Release Date
After the Rain Season 2

Masami Kondo: Hiroaki Hirata

He is the manager of the shop as well as the father of a young son. His wife left him and later met a young schoolgirl named Akira. Akira had feelings toward him but hid them from him. Later even though she made the confession he guided her and helped her to take the rightest decision.

Akira Tachibana: Sayumi Watable

She is a young schoolgirl who had been working in a shop as a part-timer. There she met Masami and got attracted to him. Being a teenager she was often confused about whether or not to inform him about her desire. She didn’t want to lose him as she wanted someone to comfort her during her hard times.            

After the Rain Season 2 Trailer

An official trailer of season two is not currently available on YouTube. There is uncertainty on whether they will release the trailer before the series or not.

Where to Watch After the Rain Season 2? 

Amazon prime video holds the license to stream all the episodes of the show online. This can change in the upcoming seasons but still lacks clarity.     

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