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Adamas Season 2 Release Date: Is It Returning?

Adamas Season 2 Release Date
Adamas Season 2 Release Date

Adamas is a presently running south Korean drama, that aired on tvN network on July 27. 2022 and will run till September 15, 2022. It has a total of sixteen episodes, with a minimum running time of one hour and ten minutes. It has been directed by Park Seung Woo and Choi Tae Kang is the screenwriter of the show. It is also known as Adamaseu and is based on thriller, mystery and drama genres. Here’s what we know about Adamas Season 2 Release Date.

Adamas Season 2 Release Date

Adamas Season 2 Release Date

Adamas is a thriller-mystery South Korean series coordinated by Park Seung-charm and stars Ji Sung in the number one spot twofold jobs of Ha Woo-shin and Song Soo-Hyun. The spine chiller gushed on July 27 and will go on till September 15, 2022. It stars entertainers like Ji Sung, Seo Ji-Hye, and Lee Soo-Kyung.

This series got giant notoriety inside the presentation of two or three episodes that it has now got another season. The fans are flabbergasted by this series that after the debut of the last episode, they are anxious to know whether a renewal will occur. At this point, we have no official declaration in regards to its delivery or wiping out of its continuation. Yet, given how much ubiquity it has acquired up until this point, we guess that it could come around toward the finish of 2023.

Name of the ShowAdamas
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreFantasy, Romance
Adamas Season 1 Release Date27 July 2022
Adamas Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Adamas Season 2 Overview

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Adamas Season 2 Story

Twin siblings (brothers) match up to uncover reality originating from a homicide happening a long time back. The kin, top-rated secret writer Woo Shin and public examiner Soo Hyun, end up facing an extraordinary evil while endeavouring to clear the exaggerated accusations rested against their stepfather, presently confronting capital punishment. Comparable by all accounts, their ways to deal with critical thinking and differentiating points of view guide them all through their examination. Pursuing reality reveals numerous mysteries long covered by a strong power.

Ha Woo-Shin (Ji Sung) and Song Soo-Hyun (Ji Sung) are twin siblings. Ha, Woo-Shin is a smash hit, secret writer and Song Soo-Hyun is an examiner at the Central District Prosecutors’ Office. Quite a while ago, when they were young people, their stepfather was killed. As of now, they observe that the first experience with the world father is the person that killed their step-father and he got the death penalty.

Ha Woo-Shin and Song Soo-Hyun after a short time find that the first experience with the world’s father was illustrated by their step-father’s crime and they seek after the truth. Simultaneously, they experience Eun Hye-Soo (Seo Ji-Hye) and Kim Seo-Hee (Lee Soo-Kyung). Eun Hye-Soo is hitched to the oldest child of the Haesong Group and she assists Ha With charming Shin subtly. Kim Seo-Hee is a columnist for TNN nearby news. She is an honourable individual and energetic with her work. She has confidentiality, which is connected with the twin siblings Ha Woo-Shin and Song Soo-Hyun.

Adamas Season 2 Cast

Adamas Season 2 Release Date

Adamas recounts the tale of twin siblings (Ji Sung) battling against evil to disclose the reality behind a homicide that happened a long time back to clear their natural dad’s charges, who was blamed for killing their stepfather subsequent to hearing capital punishment date that has been booked for their organic dad. The main cast in the show is, Ji Sung playing the role of lead actor Ha Woo-shin / Song Soo-Hyun, Seo Ji-Hye as Eun Hye-so, and Lee Soo-Kyung playing the role of Kim Seo-hee. And other supporting actors in the show are, Heo Sung-Tae who played the role of Choi Tae-Seong (Chief Choi).

Lee Geung-young as Kwon Jae-Yoo, Hwang Jung-min as Butler serving as President Kwon, Seo Hyun-charm as Kwon Hyun-jo, Lee Si-won as Secretary Yoon, Shin Hyeon-Seung as Lee Dong-edge, Woo Hyun-Joo as Mrs Oh, Go Yoon assumed the part of Park Yo-won, Choi Chan-ho as Kim Yo-won.

Gracious Dae-hwan as Leader of Team A, Park Hye-Eun as Ace Sun, Lee Ho-Cheol as Section Chief Jung, Jo Dong-in as Chief Lee. In the unique examination division, Choi Deok-moon assumed the part of Kang Hyuk-Pil, Jang Jin-hee as Miss Lee, Jo Sung-ha as Lee Chang-charm, Jo Hyun-charm as Song Soon-ho, Lee Do-Yeop as a strange man who watches Song Soo-Hyun.

In a special appearance, Ahn Bo-Hyun played the role of Kwon Min-jo, and Ko Kyu-Pil played the role of Head of the Special Division of the Jungam District Attorney’s Office.

Adamas Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, the official trailer of Adamas has not been released yet.

Where To Watch Adamas Season 2 Online?

You can watch the show Adamas on HBO, Rakuten and Disney+.

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