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4400 Season 1 Episode 12 Release Date Updates

4400 Season 1 Episode 12 Release Date
4400 Season 1 Episode 12 Release Date

4400 is a science-fictional dramatic American television series developed by Ariana Jackson. The series which was premiered on October 25, 2021, is distributed by CBS Media Ventures. The first season is currently on the roll having 10 episodes aired to date.

From thin air, approximately 4400 people return to Detroit which was said to have vanished during the last century. They don’t have any memory of what happened to them during their time of disappearance. The people haven’t aged nor fatigued over the past 10 decades which generates a sense of mystery. The government officials were feared as well as anxious therefore decides to create a team to assess and study the threats involved in the mysterious phenomenon. A team of civil servants along with a social worker is asked to deal with the target refugees. After some study, the team doubts whether they were brought back for a reason which might potentially be a threat.

4400 Season 1 Episode 12 Release Date

The twelfth episode of 4400 seasons 1 is scheduled for release by February 7, 2022, at 9 pm EST. The show is telecasted every Monday on the CW Network with a running time of approximately 45 minutes. Having a total of 10 episodes released, the last episode was screened on January 24, 2022, titled “Give up the Ghost”. While the first episode of the series was telecasted on October 25, 2021, the final episode of the season is planned to reach the television sets by February 14, 2022. Even though there are some unofficial reports on the extension of the series, the world awaits confirmation.

4400 Season 1 Episode 12 Story


Agent Tanner enters into the room where Jharrel is held and talks to him about stealing the files. In addition, she also asks about Manny which Jharrel denies him being the reason behind Manny’s missing. Tanner later reveals that Manny is being detained but not missing. Claudette and Keisha have a conversation about Jharrel in a bar. Keisha comes to a troublesome state when offers to help Claudette with the donation. Dr. Andre and Shanice in bed together have a discussion on their responsibilities towards the 4400. She gets a video call from Mariah as she sees them both in bed.

When Tanner gets to Jharrel with food, he demands to know about his brother but she denies any further information. On the other hand, she promises that they are taking good care of Manny. Jharrel has a flashback during the time of his house arrest and helps him knowing his brother is sick. Mildred was taken inside Claudette’s apartment during the storm for a drink. Claudette when asked about throwing Bill out of the window, she replied that she wanted to help and nothing more. 

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Mariah is called back by Shanice and offers to help with setting crowdfunding for 4400. Soraya and Tanner try to get information from Jharrel consequently, he tells about the word “MATEO” tattooed on Manny’s body and they later ask about the book and the words circled in them. Jharrel tells he has no idea of what they are. Later Jharrel identifies that Manny is not under the custody of Tanner. 

Tanner decides to cut him loose understanding he has no information on what Manny was working on. Jharrel steals the book and asks Keisha to decode what was written in that book. As a result, Jharrel finds out he was in a hotel and after further investigation reaches Room 437 but finds it empty. From nowhere Manny appears and reveals that he has the power to be invisible.         

4400 Characters


Jharrel Mateo: Joseph David-Jones

Jharrel is a social worker who was assigned with Keisha a community officer to study and work with the 4400 refugees. While others saw the refugees as aliens, Jharrel believed all must be seen as humans. Even though others believed the refugees were a threat, Jharrel assumed the opposite.

Shanice Murray: Brittany Adebumola

She is a Lawyer by profession who had been returned to Detroit with others and lacked other knowledge. She later knew about her memory visualization skill while hugging Mariah after 16 years.

Keisha Taylor: Ireon Roach

Keisha the patrol officer was appointed by the government on the inquiry during the arrival of 4400 refugees. Due to experience believes that the refugees are a threat to society. Even while Jharrel took everything positively, Keisha was not sure of his ways.

Jessica Tanner: Wilder Yari

The DHS agent Jessica Tanner along with her girlfriend Keisha was on duty to find the history of the refugees. Jessica was heading the team to find out the source behind the refugee’s appearance and often gets a lot of pressure from the authorities on the investigation.             

4400 Season 1 Trailer

The official trailer of the first season of 4400 was released on September 15, 2021, with a total of 1:30 minutes of running time. The show is currently screening on the CW Network every Monday at 9:00 pm EST and on Tuesday at 7:30 am IST. The show is also available on over-the-top platforms such as Direct TV, Fubo TV, Hulu, Youtube TV, and much more. The next episode is scheduled for January 31, 2022.           

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