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1983 Season 2 Release Date & Spoilers!

1983 Season 2 Release Date
1983 Season 2 Release Date

1983 is a Polish crime drama television series, created and written by Joshua Long. The story is based on an original idea by Long and Maciej Musiał. What’s special about this series is that it was Netflix’s first Polish original series. Here’s what we know about 1983 Season 2 Release Date.

It is a perplexing, occasionally enthralling show, but with tight pacing that keeps the show from ever getting boring. Additionally, the dialogue has some nice touches, there are some amazing and well-known actors, some unexpected twists and turns, and there are a few humorous moments to throw you off guard before the next gritty bit of ultraviolence starts your heart racing once more. The tone is perfectly captured, and it’s impressive that Poland, rather than a wealthy or well-known nation with thriving film industry, is the country of origin.

1983 Season 2 Release Date

There has been no news about the new season of 1983 from either Netflix or the producers. The show, when it was released, had really high expectations of being the first Polish Netflix original series, but it failed to live up to those expectations. Though it did not do bad, it could have done better and so thereafter, Netflix has not commented anything on season 2 1983.

It was liked enough by the viewers that it was expected that the filing of season 2 would start in the same year when season one was released, but they were proved wrong as it has already been more than 2 years and we don’t know anything about season 2’s arrival. The first season of 1983 was released on November 30, 2018, with 8 episodes. 

Name of the Show1983
Season NumberSeason 2
1983 Season 1 Release Date 30 November 2018
1983 Season 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet
1983 Season 2 Overview

1983 Season 1 Recap

1983 Season 2 Release Date
1983 Season 2

The series is based on the Cold War that broke out between the Soviet Union and the United States after World War II and includes the 1983 terrorist attack in Poland that prolonged the conflict. The story takes place 20 years after all these events, in 2003.

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Season one introduced us to Kajetan, a law student, and Anatol, a police investigator. They both set out on a quest to learn more and to incite a revolution, in which those in positions of power do everything in their power to suppress and keep secrets so they can profit from them.

1983 Season 2 Story

Season one started with a lot of questions along with mysteries surrounding Poland and ended with a satisfying conclusion, giving answers to almost all of the questions that were raised. Season two of the story is expected to take up another story to tell. There might be some of the clues from season one that we might have missed that will be picked for the new season. Nothing is known for sure at the moment, and all we can do is speculate about what the new season will be about and hope to get a satisfying season two.

1983 Season 2 Cast

1983 Season 2 Release Date
1983 Season 2

The cast from the previous season are expected to reprise their roles for the new season of 1983. The main cast members from that season that have high chances of coming back are – Kajetan Skowron, played by Maciej Musia, Anatol Janów, played by Robert Więckiewicz, Ofelia Ibrom, played by Michalina Olszańska , Karolina Lis, played by Zofia Wichłacz, Andrzej Chyra in the role of Władysław Lis. 

Ewa Bazczyk, who plays Maria Gierowska in the recurring cast, may also return.

Julia Stpiska is portrayed by Edyta Olszówka, Maja Skowron by Agnieszka Ulewska, and Mikoaj Trojan by Wojciech Kalarus has high chances of coming back to the series along with some of the new cast members. 

1983 Season 2 Trailer

Currently, there is no trailer available for 1983 Season 2 as there has not been any confirmation on whether the show is going to be continued or drop off in the middle. You can, however, watch the season one trailer on Netflix’s official YouTube channel, where the trailer for season two will also be available when it’s released for streaming. The trailer is perfect to watch if you want to relive the actions of season one in a short moment.

Where to Watch 1983 Season 2 Online?

The first season of the series, which was produced by Netflix, is only available to stream there. If and when 1983 Season 2 drops, it will be available to stream there only.

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