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17 Movies Like Do Revenge: Which One Is Your Favourite?

Movies Like Do Revenge

Recently Netflix came up with an interesting movie Do revenge, the show featured young and famous acting talents like Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke, and Austin Abrams. What attracted immense attention of Netflix fans is the iconic duo of Camilla and Maya, Camilla is known for her role in Netflix’s one of the most well-performing series ‘Riverdale’, She plays the role of ‘Veronica Lodge’. Maya Hawke on other hand is known for her amazing work in Netflix’s most recent hit ‘Stranger Things. Hawke was lauded for her acting performance in the show as ‘Robin’. Alisha Boe also appeared in Do Revenge, she is known for her role in Netflix’s hit ’13 reasons Why’ as Jessica.

Netflix announced Do Revenge on the 16th of September 2022, and the duration of the movie was nearly two hours. In the movie, we saw troubled Drea (played by Camilla Mendes) under the pressure of getting bullied by her peers. Her boyfriend publishes a sex tape of her, this is where Eleanor jumps into the plot of the movie and helps her friend Drea to take against her boyfriend. The story of the show quickly pleased the fans, the show procured an 85% score on Rotten Tomatoes Official site and 6.4 out of 10 on IMDB’s Official website.

If you loved the show and you are now wanting to binge on to more movies like Do revenge, here we will suggest you 17 more movies like Do Revenge. Be that as it may, the first thing you should consider while choosing the movie is the ‘Drama Genre’. Do Revenge is based on the story of Drea who gets involved in a sex tape scandal due to her boyfriend. The second thing you should conder is the School/College and student life experience.

Here are 17 movies like Do Revenge: –

1) Easy A

Movies Like Do Revenge

In 2010 Sony Pictures and Screen Gems came up with an economically successful film Easy A, Easy A was based on the life of a 17-year-old school girl named Olive Penderghast. The show grossed $75 million against the production budget of a mere $8 million. What connects the story of Easy A and Do Revenge is the fight against the harassment by their peers, Olive was tagged as Dirty Skank after a rumor spread out that she slept with Brandon. Same as Drea in Do Revenge, Olive decides to counteract all the name-calling and harassment she was facing with unique tricks.

Olive turns the tide around and uses the rumor to reinstate and increase her popularity, she becomes more socially secure and financially upgraded. The movie’s story was much loved by the fan base of the demographic category of teenagers. Easy A also won awards at MTV movie awards and Teen Choice Awards, and later also procured a commendable rating of 7 out of 10 (390K people voted) on IMDB’s official website. Easy A is currently available on Amazon Prime and Netflix for their subscribed members.

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2) John Tucker Must Die

Movies Like Do Revenge

Directed by Betty Thomas the movie John Tucker Must Die was released in 2006, the story was based on a trio of school girls who decide to take revenge on their former cheating boyfriend John Tucker. John is a basketball player and playboy in the story who cheats on Carrie, Heather, and Beth. He dates them all at the same time and urges them to keep their relationship secret telling them that his father forbids him from dating girls.

The girls later find out about John was cheating on them, to heal their social status the trio decides to seek help from a newly joined cheerleading squad member Kate. Kate played a major role in the plot of the movie, she is asked to date John and later breaks his heart in revenge for his scandalous actions. The narrative of ‘revenge’ in the movie John Tucker Must die is what connects with Do Revenge, both Drea (Do Revenge), and Kate do their best to take revenge on the boy who is playing a negative side in the movie. John Tucker Must Die is currently available on YouTube movies and Google Play Movies & Tv.

3) Heathers


A Cinemarque Entertainment movie Heathers was released in 1988 starring Winona Ryder in the main role. Heathers is a teen black comedy film which is set in Westerburg High School in Sherwood, Ohio. Veronica (Played by Winona) gets out of the group of three wealthy and famous school girls called Heathers. Their clique was named heather because the first names of three girls were the same, Heather Duke, Heather McNamara, and Heather Chandler. Veronica soon gets tired of the air of superiority displayed by Heathers and leaves the clique to move back with her less popular friends. After this small change in life, she meets Jason Dean aka JD.

Heather Chandler once at a party at her house asks Veronica to have sex with one of the members, eventually, Veronica refuses the proposal. This earns Veronica a backlash from Chandler when she tries to destroy her reputation. From there on Veronica involves in the death of Heather Chandler by setting up her death as suicide. The movie is currently available on Amazon Prime for their subscribers. 

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4) Mean Girls

mean girls

The movie Mean Girl was released in 2004, Mean Girl has a shared teen-revenge genre as Do revenge. Mean Girls was a massive success as it earned over 130 million worldwide against a production budget of 17 million. The movie was based on a character called Cady Heron who returns to the United States from Africa, she was home-schooled for nearly 12 years.

The plot of revenge starts when Cady was filled with anger and wants to take revenge against Regina who belonged to a Clique called ‘Plastics’ and gets back into a relationship with Aron. Cady also gets associated with Jani and Aron. The show’s story was such intriguing that the creators again returned with a prequel ‘Mean Girls 2’ The movie is currently available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple Tv, Google Play Tv & Movies, and YouTube Tv.

5) Someone Great

someone great

A Netflix release ‘Someone Great’ was released in 2019 with the story of Jenny Young, Jenny was dumped by her boyfriend Nate after a 9-year-long relationship. She falls into depression and driven by a motivation to take up her dream job moves to San Francisco.  Before she leaves for San Fransico, her two closest friends Erin and Blaire take her around New York. They later end up in a situation where the trio couldn’t get the concert ticket for the show. After a long day, Jenny goes to a fountain where she first met Nate and gazes upon a smiley with names that Nate carved 9 years ago.

With such an interesting storyline the movie soon became a much-loved content for the drama and romance genre movies. In 2019 Taylor Swift made a song titled ‘Death by a Thousand Cuts’, it was her tenth track in her music album called ‘Lover’. Someone Great was released on 19 April 2019, it is also currently available to stream on Netflix for subscribers.

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6) Thoroughbreds

Movies Like Do Revenge

It was a dark comedy6 and thriller film which was released in 2017, Thoroughbreds featured Anya Taylor Joy. Anya played the role of Lily in the movie as the main star cast along with Olivia Cook who played the role of Amanda. Both Anya and Olivia are two of the young talents present in Hollywood. Lilly and Amanda belonged to a rich family, they were earlier friends in childhood days but got distant after the death of Lily’s father. Amanda suffers from an unspecified mental disorder that dulls her emotional reactivity. Lily and Amanda together with an assistance of a drug dealer plot and cover up the murder of Lily’s step farther.

Despite having such an interesting storyline, the movie was not commercially successful. Cory Finley wrote and directed the movie with its production starting in April 2016. What connects Thoroughbreds with Do Revenge is that a mischievous duo of two troubled girls have an adventurous time with each other’s association. The movie is must watch type of stuff if you like Do revenge.

7) Booksmart 

Movies Like Do Revenge

Another comedy-buddy movie Booksmart was released in 2019 starring Kaitlyn Dever. Kaitlyn along with Beanie played the role of Molly and Amy. They both were long-time friends, their bond was so strong that they shared a common goal in their lives. The rift in their relationship started to happen when Amy warns Molly about Nick’s relationship with Ryan. Nick was a crush on Amy, they meet at a party and have a good romantic conversation in a beer pong. At the same party, Amy finds Nick making out with Ryan, this is when Amy warns Molly and tries to get away from Nick.

Eventually, Molly doesn’t approve of Amy and they start to argue in front of the whole group present at the party. Later they get together before Molly moves out of the city permanently. Olivia Wilde directed the film, Booksmart was the first movie directed and it turned out to be a success at the box office grossing over $25 million in a single month. Later Booksmart was sold to Netflix for its OTT platform streaming rights, currently, you can stream Booksmart on Netflix after buying their subscription.

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8) A Simple Favor

Movies Like Do Revenge

A thriller novel-based movie A Simple Favor was released in 2018, A Simple Favor is a dark comedy and thriller movie. Just like Do Revenge, A Simple Favor is based on the lives of a duo Stephanie and Emily. The story starts with the introduction of Stephanie who is their widowed mother of Miles. Miles is a close friend of Nick whose mother Emily, Stephanie, and Emily meet each other through their kids. Once Emily asks Stephanie for the favor of dropping Nick to school for her, late Emily went missing for more than 5 days.

Police presume that Emily is dead after they find a body washed in the lake which had an identical tattoo on one of her hands just like Emily. Stephanie is also and YouTube vlogger, who earlier believes that it is impossible for Emily to just disappear because she is very attached to her family. Later Emily returns to the movies and involves in a series of dramatic plots. Once at Emily’s house, Stephanie confesses who are the real guardians of Miles and the tragic death of her half-brother. A Simple Favor is currently available on Netflix to stream.

9) Clueless

Movies Like Do Revenge

The 1990’s one of the most famous actresses Alicia Silverstone appeared in a teen comedy movie called ‘Clueless’. Alicia played the role of Cher Horowitz whose character was used as an influence to create Maya Hawke’s role in Do Revenge. Cher Horowitz in the movie is a socially famous teenage girl who helps people less attractive than her in makeovers and matchmaking. The movie was also applauded for its representation of 90’s teenage fashion and the classic culture back in those days. The movie also starred Stacey Dash and Brittany Murphy. Clueless was a commercial success that earned over $56 million through box office revenue.

Paul Rudd (Famous for the ‘Antman’ movie) also appeared in the movie as Josh who is playing the role of Cher’s Ex- Stepbrother. Cher and Josh by the end of the movie fell in love with each other. The movie Clueless is very same to Do Revenge for having a teenage drama and comedy genre, and a very attractive and eye-catching fashion display of both Cher’s and Drea’s wardrobe. The movie returned to the audience after nearly 23 years and is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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10) Wild Child

wild child

One of the most decent modern-day teenage comedy movies ‘Wild Child’ was released in 2008 by Universal pictures. The movie was based on the life of a sixteen-year-old wealthy teenage girl Poppy Moore (played by Emma Roberts), Poppy had a troublesome nature and a life where she got everything she ever wanted. Her life gets paused when her father decides to send her to a boarding school in England, where she is a roommate of a group of four girls who call themselves ‘Drippy’. The movie was set in a school known as ‘Abbey Mount’, and it had tight restrictions and rules for the discipline of the students.

Poppy soon realizes that her father is not coming to take her back from the school and forgive her, so she decides to pull a few pranks on her peers so that she would get expelled from the school. Her four roommates Kate, Josie, Kiki, and Jennifer eventually agree to help her in her wild plan. In the moments of planning all those pranks, Poppy comes to know a lot about the other four girls and slowly gets attracted by their energy. ‘Wild Child’ is currently available on Google Movies and Tv to stream, and on Netflix.

11) Jennifer’s Body

Movies Like Do Revenge

Megan Fox appeared in a dark comedy genre movie ‘Jennifer’s Body’ in 2009, She played the role of Jennifer Check who is a conceited cheerleader. Much like ‘Do revenge’ Drea, Jennifer also has a partner in crime who has a different personality from her but still shares a unique bond. Needy Lesnick, who a best friend of Jennifer witnesses a change in her best friend’s behavior after a fire accident in a bar.

As the plot moves forward for Jennifer, she develops an appetite for murdering her male classmates. She rampages with her blood thrust and gets specialized in murdering her classmates, Needy gets nervous about this change and starts to look into the ways how could she stop her friend until she reaches for her boyfriend Chip.

The movie came out to be a commercial success for its creator Fox Atomic by earning $6.8 million in the first week. Chris Pratt also appeared in the movie as ‘Officer Ramon Duda’. For having such an interesting cast member and unique cinematography, the movie is worth watching if you liked Do Revenge. Jennifer’s Body is currently available on Google Movies, Apple Tv, and YouTube for their subscribed users.

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12) Heavenly Creatures 

Movies Like Do Revenge

The story of Heavenly Creatures is based on fictional events in the early 1950s. Juliet and Pauline are the two best friends who are playing the lead role in the movie. Just like Do Revenge, the movie Heavenly Creatures is based on the lives of two girls sharing an unbreakable bond. Both Juliet and Pauline in the movie spend their time together as much as possible, and the duo also took a series of measures to ensure that they are not separated from each other.

The families of both of the girls oppose and resist the growing relationship between them. Pauline’s father is a wealthy British businessman, whereas Juliet is a daughter of a Physicist. Both of them create a fantasy world for themselves called ‘Borovina’, their bond was strong because they shared the same musical, art, and fashion taste.

The movie Heavenly Creatures is one of the most well-written movies from the 1990s, Heavenly Creatures was released in 1994. The cast of the show was full of talented entertainers involving Kate Winslet who played the role of Pauline. The movie is currently available on Amazon Prime and Vudu.

13) Jawbreaker

Movies Like Do Revenge

Another late 1990s teenage comedy movie called ‘Jawbreaker’ is much recommended for you if you loved the synopsis of Do Revenge. The movie is based on a group of four charismatic and beautiful girls from a group called ‘Flawless’. The show’s plot started with a horrific attempt by three of the girls Marcie, Courtney, and Julie trying to pull a prank on her fourth group member Liz for her birthday. The three girls plan to surprise Liz by taking her to restraint so that they can celebrate her birthday, soon the stunt is pulled too far by the girls.

They gag her mouth with a piece of cloth, tied her hands and legs with the rope, and covered them with duct tape. While they put her into a car’s trunk and start to drive for restraint, Liz eventually dies from the helplessness of not getting a proper breath in the trunk. After the three girls found the dead body of Liz in the Trunk upon reaching the restraint, Juliet suggests reporting the death to the police. But Courtney denies it and has her body dropped at her parent’s house, and the murder of Liz is investigated. Jawbreaker is available on Amazon Prime and Apple Tv.

14) Cruel Intentions

cruel intentions

Just as same as the movies like Do Revenge, Thoroughbreds, Heavenly Creatures and A Simple Favour, ‘Cruel Intentions’ is a 1999s one of the highest grossing movies, it was an adaptation of a novel called ‘Les Liaisons dangerousness from 1782. The movie is based on two girls coming from wealthy family backgrounds, they use their manipulative and sexual seduction tricks on two boys named Cecile Caldwell and Annette Hargrove. They together also controlled the social life of multiple students from NY prep school. You can watch the movie on Amazon Prime and Vudu after buying their subscription.

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15) The Craft

the craft

A movie based on the life of a teenage troubled girl named Sarah who in the past had suicidal tendencies and a series of hallucinations. She moves to L. A with her parents to join take admission in a catholic school, where she meets Nancy, Bonnie, and Rochelle who had a similar troubled past and problems to Sarah.

Three girls notice that Sarah has some supernatural and witch powers, so they persuade her to join their coven. They soon start planning about casting a few spells, but their actions cost them a heavy price. The movie is a must-watch content because of its connective story about fellow females coming together with a positive understanding. You can binge the movie on Amazon Prime and Netflix after buying their premium subscriptions.

16) Thelma & Louise

Movies Like Do Revenge

First released in 1991, Thelma & Louise is based on a chronicled story of married and socially engaged women Thelma and Louise. Thelma in the movies is a restrained waitress and an enthusiastic traveler, she asks her friend Louise to go on a trip and take a break from all the tiring responsibilities they have. Louise agrees with Thelma and decides to leave for a trip, although she refuses to inform her patriarchal husband who is abusive and psychologically a maniac.

A moment comes when Thelma was having a parking lot romantic moment with a strange man, later the man tries to force Thelma to have sexual contact with him. To protect her best friend from a man who s trying to rape her, Louise attacks him and accidentally kills him, they escape from the police hunt and end up at a cabin in Mexico. Their bond is as strong as Drea and Eleanor from Do revenge. The movie ‘Thelma and Louise is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

17) 10 Things I Hate About You

Movies Like Do Revenge

Heath Ledger’s appearance in 10 Things I Hate About You was one of the greatest acting performances in his great and legendary career. The movie was adapted from a novel called ‘The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare. The story was about a cute relationship between Kat and Bianca, both of them are forbidden to date anyone by their concerned and protective father. Eventually, he allows Bianca to date only on the condition that Kat also has a date. Both sisters form a unique relationship with two of the male leading characters Patrick and Cameron. The movie is available to be watched on Disney +.

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